Thailand is another world. Expect Extraordinary.


Welcome to the Land of Smiles! Thailand's enchanting landscapes, bustling cities, and tranquil beaches are calling you. Get ready to embark on an adventure filled with flavor, warmth, and wonder. From Bangkok's lively markets to Phuket's soothing waves, we've got it all wrapped up just for you. Grab your passport, pack your bags, and join us at Trunk Travel - your gateway to the extraordinary.


Think you know tours? Think again! Trunk Travel is not your run-of-the-mill tour operator. We're the fun-loving adventurers, the trailblazers of unforgettable experiences. We go off the beaten path, diving into local markets, hidden temples, and breathtaking hikes.
Our local guides are the true treasure hunters, unlocking experiences that ordinary tours just don't reach. But don't worry, we've got the planning covered. Just bring your sense of adventure and join the Trunk family for a one-of-a-kind journey. Ready for memories that will last a lifetime? Come find them with us!

Ultimate Adventures

Ultimate Adventures are our guided group tours that typically run from a minimum of 10-days

A Culinary Passage Through Thailand: From Street Eats to Elite Feasts

Embark on a gastronomic adventure across Thailand's iconic cities and hidden gems. From street food safaris in Bangkok to cooking classes in Chiang Mai and sunset dinners on luxury barges, this tour is a culinary dream. Satisfy your taste buds and your wanderlust all in one delicious journey!
  • from $1795.00

Thailand on a Shoestring: From Cityscapes to Elephant Rescues

LESS THAN $100 per day! Embark on a 14-day journey from the bustling streets of Bangkok to the tranquil jungles of Chiang Mai and the sun-soaked beaches of Phuket. Dive into culture, savor local cuisine, and bond with majestic elephants. It's a life-changing escapade capturing the essence and diversity of Thailand!
  • from $1395.00

Thailand Tapestry: A Journey of Soul, Spice, and Elephants

Embark on a transformative Thai journey, soaking up a blend of cultural gems and natural wonders. Explore ancient temples, dive into hill tribe communities, and become an elephant caretaker in an ethical sanctuary. Cap it with a sunset cruise in Bangkok. Return home not just traveled, but changed.
  • from $1495.00

Thailand Unveiled: From Bangkok Bustle to Elephant Hugs & Island Vibes

Jet off on an 11-day adventure mixing culture, nature, and leisure. Glide through Bangkok's canals, bond with elephants in Chiang Mai, and lounge on Phuket's golden beaches. Add a sprinkle of ancient history and a dash of luxury for the ultimate Thai experience. Your next epic tale starts here!
  • from $1695.00

Thai Tapestry: A Journey Through Culture, Cuisine, and Natural Wonders

Uncover the diverse threads that make Thailand truly magical. From the bustling streets of Bangkok to serene temples in Chiang Mai and idyllic beaches in Krabi, this 13-day adventure weaves culture, culinary delights, and nature into an unforgettable Thai experience. Ready to unravel the magic?
  • from $1795.00

Two Kingdoms, One Adventure

Experience a 13-day tour from Bangkok's vibrant pulse to Angkor Wat's mystical allure. Navigate bustling markets, meet elephants, and explore hidden villages. Try ancient crafts and savor home-cooked meals. From Thailand to Cambodia, it's an unforgettable showcase of Southeast Asia's wonders.
  • from $1495.00


We get it - your trip, your way! That's why we've crafted three thrilling options for your Thai adventure:


In a hurry? Our Short & Sweet collection offers snappy 6 to 9-day unguided tours. Pick one of our 6 ready-made escapes or spark your inspiration and we'll craft the perfect trip just for you.


Got time for an epic quest? Our Ultimate Adventures are 10-day-plus guided group tours. Meet fellow wanderers and share an adventure of a lifetime.


Looking for something as unique as you are? Let's build an unguided tour tailored to your dreams, desires, and budget. You tell us your Thai fantasy; we'll send you the plan

Thanks to over 20-years of creating and operating tours for over 50,000 travelers, our experience is unrivalled and our network stretches the length and width of Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

From the budget-conscious backpacker to the luxury-aligned globe-trotter, nothing is too much trouble. Whatever it is that you’re looking for from a tour, we can deliver, and will exceed your expectations.

Join us on this incredible journey, where your travels become more than a destination – they become a difference.
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